Doe Deere Talks About What Makes A Female Entrepreneur Successful

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who is known for her Lime Crime Makeup brand. This makeup company is very successful, and Doe Deere has been recognized for her hard work. “Self-Made” magazine named Doe one of their Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. In a recent interview with “Galore” magazine, she talked about her business and the things that contributed to her success as a female entrepreneur.

She is thrilled that she is able to create color for a living as an adult. She also stated that she has been experimenting with makeup ever since she was nine-years-old.

Doe has been an entrepreneur for a long time. Before she started Lime Crime makeup, she sold items on eBay. Doe stated that there are a number of advantages that come along with having an Internet-based business. She likes the fact that the Internet allows her to connect with her customers.

Doe is known for referring to her fans as unicorns. She has stated that the reason she calls them unicorns is because she wants to encourage people to be unique. Doe not only inspires people, but there are many people who have inspired her.  She is also inspired by young girls she sees on Instagram. Doe concluded the interview by saying that she is honored to be on the cover of “Self-Made” magazine along with Ariana Huffington and Suze Orman.

About Lime Crime

Lime Crime made its debut in 2008. Doe oversees the product development. The makeup products have been vegan and cruelty-free ever since 2012.

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