Frivolous Lawsuit Brought Against Securus

Securus Technologies is currently engaged in a patent lawsuit with GTL. Both companies provide technology to assist law enforcement with investigations, corrections, and monitoring. The lawsuit is over infringements with technology used to oversee inmate visitations.

While GTL is adamant that they will fight this suit to the end, it seems a frivolous lawsuit to me and a waste of the court’s time. Securus Technologies has faced this sort of infringement suit 19 times previously and not lost one. And they have successfully brokered licensing deals with many of those companies. In fact they have had licensing deals with GTL in the past. Why GTL has decided to sue Securus Technologies now, I don’t understand. The case is currently stayed. As a result, GTL will not be able to seek any damages while Securus works for a rehearing. PTAB declined to review the 55 challenged claims, a direct contradiction to what GTL has said. And despite the hopes of GTL to appear before a jury in the next few months, I highly doubt that it will happen before next year, if at all. Typically, patten litigation takes years to resolve, and it is ridiculous of GTL to say otherwise. Securus has more experience with both patents (as they have nearly three times the number of issued patents) and successful suits. Perhaps it would be better for GTL to take the path of least resistance and negotiate a new license with Securus Technologies rather then waste all of that time and money.


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