Lori Senecal and Her Career Accomplishments

Lori Senecal is one of the most successful women in the sales and marketing industry. She was currently made the global CEO of the MDC Partners Network. She has grown from being a shy introvert to being one of the leaders in the sales industry. Her experience in the various companies that she has worked for has made her realize that in order to sell a brand, you have to first sell yourself. So, she has learnt how to be bold and courageous ad even talk in front of masses.

Lori Senecal’s Career Journey

According to Campaignlive Senecal is most known for her contributions in KBS and CP+B. She joined KBS after having completed her tenure at McCann Erickson. She had worked there from the year 2003. Senecal worked for the Coca Cola Account. During her time at McCann, she would be obliged to speak to crowd. With time, she learnt how to do this effectively. Within the first year, she was promoted to be the Global Chief Innovative Officer. Three years later, she was promoted to take more roles, she became the President of the company, a role she assumed for two years, after which he left to work for KBS.

She joined KBS at a time when everyone would have thought her insane to do so. The company was doing badly and everyone including shareholders and clients were exiting. Therefore, she had a very difficult task of rebuilding trust in clients and employees. She went on to become the CEO of the company. And, she really did make it worthwhile for the clients and the employees that the company retained and acquired. When she left the company, she had expanded the company to more regions. Also, she had added more than 600 employees to the company. She also got promoted to be the Global Executive Chairman of the company and oversaw the company’s expansion from being a local company to being a global one.

Upon leaving her job at KBS, she joined MDC Partners Network’s CP+B. Here, she works as the Global CEO, overseeing the expansion of the company in more than eight regions. She is in charge of strategizing growth and development of the company in all the eight regions.

Toda, Senecal is one of most influential professional women. She motivates women to not be limited by their personalities.

Check out her profile: http://www.adweek.com/tag/lori-senecal/

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