Customers Use Innovative Inmate Communications Technology To Solve And Prevent Telecommunications Crime

Customers rely on Securus Technologies for quality cost effective inmate calls. They have proudly processed over 3.5 billion minutes annually. There are thousands of people around the nation that stay connected through their highly interactive inmate calling network. More importantly, they provide a platform on their website and over the phone for their customers to leave feedback. Their technology features allowed their customers to catch a few errors that could have increased Securus Technologies fees. It was just as important for their customers to spot and prevent a telecommunications crime. Once the errors were spotted they were immediately reported to Securus Technologies officials and corrected.


Securus Technologies are proud to be the recipients of the prestigious customer service, Stevie Award. The Gold Stevie Award is the highest honor that a inmate provider network can receive for customer service. A top panel of over seventy-five judges were responsible for voting for them to win the award. Securus has over 12,000+ highly trained professionals in inmate security and communication. They ensure that their customers have the option of getting support from a friendly and knowledgeable professional. You can reach a customer service professional at any time by visiting their website for online support or by calling their 800 number.


Popular Securus Technologies Features


Remote Visitation


For a small fee, inmates can get face-to-face interaction with their love ones over the internet. Vimeo has partnered with Securus to bring their customers remote visitation. You have complete control over the picture and the sound by using a few onscreen functions for adjustments. This is a popular feature for inmate’s love ones because it allows them to eliminate their commute to a correctional facility. Become a part of Securus Technologies and get more inmate calling features today.


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