Doe Deere: Go Where You Love

Doe Deere, also known as “The Queen of The Unicorns” currently lives in Los Angeles and operates a highly successful online makeup store that sells an array of colorful lipsticks and eyeshadows. Her massive following can be seen on her Instagram page and blog. Her rise to such popularity was a process that unfolded over the past decade. She has overcome many obstacles and trials on her path to success.


Doe Deere was born in Russia, but moved to New York City when she was 17. She lived in different parts of NYC such as Manhattan and Brooklyn over the course of 14 years. During her time there, she attended fashion design school and pursued dreams of becoming a musician. However, as fate would have it, these ventures would merely be stepping stones and preparation to her true calling: launching the infamous Lime Crime makeup brand.


During her years as a band member, she was fortunate enough to meet her husband, as he would eventually become her business partner. She also states that being a musician taught her marketing skills and helped her develop an appreciation for a fan base. She recalls always being imaginative and ambitious, even as a young child. Doe started her first business when she was just 13 years old. She sold temporary tattoos to her classmates.


Lime Crime has become a reflection of Doe’s passion for all things colorful. She considers makeup to be an outlet of self-expression and freedom. In the early 2000s, she operated her own Ebay store and modeled her own clothes. She expressed that she could not find makeup colorful enough to accentuate her clothing due to the makeup industry being driven by a more prominent demand for natural hues.


This inspired Doe to create her own colorful makeup. She was surprised to see how many followers she gained that felt the same way she did about colorful lipstick. Doe truly found a niche and made way for other girls to express themselves freely.


Doe has had much to say about her secrets to success. She encourages people from all walks of life to follow their heart. Doe feels as though you can only reach your highest potential when you are able to discover your unique God given talent that no one else in the world has but you. Doe states “Go where you love” to inspire people that may be unsure of what to do with themselves.


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