Traits of the Talented


Based on the Meyers Briggs personality categories, there are celebrities that can be described just using a specific group of letters. Nothing is much more cooler than that, right?

Here are a few:


ISFP- This personality trait is that of a person that is gentle and soft internally. They are sensitive and usually wear their feelings on their sleeves. They are also mindful of those around them that may be in need. For example, Michael Jackson has this trait. He was very shy and soft spoken. He also gave to many charities.

ENFP famous people– This personality trait describes a person who is full of energy and outgoing. They are something like “the life of the party.” Sandra Bullock, a well known actress, fits in with that trait. She is always very energetic in her movies. She is a people’s person.

INTJ- This is one that describes someone who is not afraid to think outside of the box. They are self-starters at heart. They think with a strategy behind everything. Ashley Olson is an actress and more so now has her own brand. She did not let anything get in her way.

INFJ-The best way to explain this trait is someone who is not afraid to share their visions and ideas. They also are very giving, trying to help people grow. Oprah Winfrey, one of the wealthiest women in the United States has this trait. She dedicated her entire career giving her voice to help others.

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