Shifting Careers and becoming a Finance Guru

When it comes to matters to do with finance, Brian Bonar is more than an expert. The current President of Trucept Incorporated has had a long journey to get to where he is. Working as a manager in many companies, he has seen his career grow to currently being seen as an executive leader in the finance world.


Brian Bonar has an outstanding technical background. He went to James Watt Technical College where he pursued Mechanical Engineering from 1963 to 1969. He then went ahead to do his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stafford University from 1973 to 1985.

Career Journey and Accomplishments

Brian got his first job in April 1969 working as the Procurement Manager for IBM. He was responsible for outsourcing motherboards for IBM computers. Later on, he went ahead to work with QMS as the Director of Engineering for four years before a career turn to Vice President, Sales and Marketing in Rastek Corporation In 1989.

He then became the Sales manager of Adaptec immediately after leaving Rastek where he worked for one year. After gaining experience in the business world, his ambitions pushed him to become the Founder and CEO of Bezier Systems which was the company that launched the first SCSI-based printer. He then joined Itec Imaging Technologies as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he worked for four years.

San Diego Magazine has it that Brian Bonar was named the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services where he continued to further his experience in Sales and Marketing and insurance products relationships. Before becoming the Chairman and CEO of Trucept in 2011, he had been the Founder and managing member of AMS Outstanding and continues to serve Dalrada Financial Services as the CEO and Chairman.

Business acumen

Brian’s knowledge and skills gained from the long career journey in engineering and business has propelled his prowess in finance. He built a restaurant, Bellamy’s in California. He was able to bring in top chefs and staffs from his favorite restaurants to come work for him. This made Bellamy’s to become one of the most successful restaurants in the area.

The restaurant is known for offering modern cuisine with French influences accompanied with impeccable service. His specialties in mergers and acquisition make him stand out from all other employees. Not to mention his architectural and technical brilliance which makes him fit for the top positions he has continued to hold.

Outside the office

Brian Bonar is not an all work and no play kind of a person. He is a family man who loves spending quality time with his family. He also enjoys golfing and going on boat trips, which for a successful person like him, he needs to have plenty. It is no surprise that he even received the Who’s Who in America in the year 2000.

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