The Healthcare Investor Magnate Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is healthcare investment magnate. Tananbaum is the chief executive officer and owner of Foresite Capital, which he started in 2011. The firm is a healthcare-dedicated firm held as a private equity company. It specializes in the identification of new healthcare leaders and then guides them to become wealthy entrepreneurs by providing them with networks, resources, and knowledge. Before starting Foresite Capital, Tananbaum is also a co-founder of two healthcare practices firms and two giant biopharmaceutical companies. His legacy includes driving the price of two drugs to below $80 million by starting GelTex Pharmaceuticals. By the time of its acquisition in 1998, Geltex raked revenue of up to $200 million from sales of its drug Renzela that led in the drug market at the time. Currently, Renzela has yearly revenue of $1 billion two decades after its invention. Foresite Capital, however, remains as Tananbaum’s best company. Check out his page

Tananbaum came up with the idea of Foresite Capital after two-and-a-half decade career as an investment strategist and healthcare entrepreneur especially from his experience in the science that drives innovation as well as the team that makes innovations a reality. The name “Foresite” therefore underscores the firm’s understanding and harnessing of the future of healthcare as its competitive edge. The company focuses its effort in supplying networks, knowledge, and capital to emerging healthcare entrepreneurs to help in steering their business success.

Tananbaum further treasures work-family balance and interpersonal relationships. He finds time to dine with his family daily despite his busy schedule. Tananbaum also enjoys the company of friends and further practices as a health care expert in his clinic despite his status as the chief executive officer. He further believes in encouraging innovation through recruitment, facilitation, and provision to talented leaders as opposed to imposing his ideas to his staff.

Tananbaum is a great fun of innovations, especially in genetic and molecular sciences. He further identifies himself as a scholar despite his senior position at Foresite Capital. Furthermore, he treasures partnership or teamwork for its synergic improvement on productivity and equally detests relationships that inhibit rather than reinforces performance. Tananbaum further underscores risks taking and critical thinking as the driver of his investment and entrepreneurial success. Visit medium to know more.

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