Doe Deere: The Morning Routine

Success and beauty are not always thought of as partners, but for Doe Deere, even her morning routine is poetic and truly artistic. One cannot help but see a connection between the way she lives her life and the integrity of her products and business.

She starts every day with an internal alarm that wakes her at 8:30 after she has had nine hours of sleep. She attributes this with the beauty of her skin and her ability to be clear and focused all day long no matter how much work or how many meetings have to be accomplished. Continuing with her morning, she practices mindfulness as she stretches, makes breakfast, and starts her favorite regimen: her makeup. To hear her tell it, this is one of her greatest meditations because she sees it as time she has the opportunity to spend on herself. This, she says, is the time when she feels truly free. It is apparent that through her makeup line, she wants all women to feel that freedom in their own regimens; through her products and business, she wants people to find their identity and their beauty from within and then seek to symbolize it by using Lime Crime’s unique products.

It’s inspiring to hear her process because with a little time, it’s something anyone could aspire to. She showers the night before so that her hair is dry by morning, she washes her face with Glossier (smells like roses), applies a foundation, and sets her makeup with powder. She then moves onto her brows, cheeks, and lips, the aspects that she says really bring the color to her face. More than anything she prefers a bold lip to top off her look; when paired with her purple hair, it’s a color combination that could take anyone’s breath away. She is the personification of her business; her unique and beautiful look reminds the world that there is still room for creativity in beauty.

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When she arrives at the office, she socializes and is clear and ready to begin the day. Sometimes she works until 6 in the evening but other nights are more demanding, requiring her to stay at the office until midnight. No matter how late, she ends her day with her two fluffy, lovable Persian cats. She then retires to bed, excited to start the following day with the same energy and anticipation.

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