How Richard Blair and His Dedicated Team of Employees Provide Wealth Management and Financial Planning Services to Clients in Austin, TX

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory company based in Austin, TX. The firm was founded in 1994 with the aim to protect, grow and manage client’s assets.The entity has truly grown because of the visionary leadership, and professional experience of founder Richard Blair. Some of the main services the firm offers include financial planning, wealth management and retirement planning. Learn more:


The company offers wealth management services to clients by first creating an investment portfolio that’s highly diversified, and also one that that suits the needs and wants each and every client. This means that the firm has to invest in both traditional and alternative investment schemes so as to minimize risk and grow profits.


Wealth Solutions also offer financial planning services to its wide range of clientele. In designing a solid financial plan for clients, Blair and his team asses clients’ short and long term financial goals. This is achieved through analyzing the current assets and liabilities of a given entity in order to gauge the true financial position. It’s only after such a forensic audits that the firm designs financial plans that are geared to help clients become financial free.


Retirement planning is also an important service that the company provides.Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions believes that retirement planning should start as early as possible and should not be taken for granted. By following his firm’s retirement plan, clients can grow their retirement benefits to a point where they don’t have to struggle financially in later years.


Because of his vision and foresight, Wealth Solutions has grown tremendously over the years. Blair is a highly qualified, and experienced business executive with over 20 years in the financial management space. He has overseen the growth of Wealth Solutions to where it is today because of the the sole belief people ought to have solid financial plans, if they are to be financially independent. But Blair hasn’t achieved all that alone, he has worked alongside a talented, and dedicated team of employees to grow Wealth Solutions to where it is today. As a financial advisor, Blair has various certifications that include CFS, CAS, CES and RICP. Learn more:


Aside from his impressive educational background, his childhood experience has also played a part in making Wealth Solutions a top wealth management company in Austin, TX. Blair was inspired to provide financial advisory services to small businesses and individuals by his family’s teaching background. His mother and grandmother were both teachers, and thus from an early age, he witnessed how education transformed people’s lives in terms on knowledge, skills and confidence.

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