Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Use Their Expertise for Civil Rights

Since Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey first became journalists, they have done what they can to help people realize that civil rights are a big issue in the United States. They have come a long way in the time that they have been doing things and they have always wanted to make sure that they were offering people all of the advice that they need to improve the things that are going on in their lives. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Since the men first started their careers, they have always had the goal of being able to help other people and show them the things that they need to be able to get out of the different opportunities.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey know a lot about civil rights. They have reported on many different cases and they have even had to deal with their own civil rights case. Because of this, they have been able to help even more people and have been able to gain expertise on the subject. While they are not necessarily legal professionals, they do have connections to ones that they can use to help connect people with those who are going to be able to help them with the different situations they are in.

Even when Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were going through their own case, they were able to use their expertise to help themselves out. This was something that the sheriff’s office didn’t expect from the men and something that made it hard for them to be able to get the charges that they wanted to bring against them.

It was also something that made it hard for the office to try and help themselves with the corruption that they were doing. The men fought the charges that the sheriff’s office was trying to pin on them and then they were able to walk away with more money.

With the three million dollars that they settled for, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started Frontera. This was the first time that they had a lump sum of money that was enough to make a difference and they decided that they were going to use it in the best way possible. They had hoped that they would be able to do more and get more out of the situations they were in so they always tried to make sure that they were doing everything that they could to bring changes to the areas that they were in.

Since Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey knew a lot about these cases and a lot about the different things that were going on with them, they knew that they would be able to help other people.

They decided that they could use their expertise to help other people do the things that they were looking for. They also knew that things would get better if they could continue the Frontera Fund and grow the money even more than what they were able to do in the past with the smaller sums of money they had saved up.

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Evolve With the Media Times and Launch the Front Page Confidential Website

Larkin and Lacey are some of the most resilient journalists America, and Arizona, in particular, has seen in the recent past. They never give up on what they think is right. Despite many frustrations in their line of duty, the two journalists continue to champion for justice, equality, and fairness to all. This time, they just launched the Front Page Confidential as yet another mouthpiece to speak on behalf of those whose rights have been abused, infringed or trampled upon. The launch of the Front Page Confidential comes in the wake of a lot of interest in the journalists because of their leading role in defending minorities against mistreatment by rogue officers of the state

Michael Lacey invokes the 5th Amendment

Michael Lacey declined to testify by invoking his rights under the Fifth Amendment. The government seized backpage.com and arrested the journalists. Michael Lacey is one of the founders of the Frontera Fund. He is also arguably the most vocal critic of Joe Arpaio. The information regarding his arrests was first posted o the other website that he recently launched called the Frontpage Confidential. The Frontera Fund was founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey from the fine amount that Joe Arpaio was ordered to pay by the courts after he wrongfully arrested the two.

Larkin and Lacey Versus Joe Arpaio

Larkin and Lacey are not new to American civil rights activities. The two are former Phonix Times journalists that shot to the limelight after they gathered the courage that revealed what turned out to be a blatant violation of the law by some officials in the County Sheriff’s Office. One of the Officers that never escaped the eye of the journalists, and indeed the pen was Joe Arpaio. He was the Maricopa County Sheriff. Arpaio is one of the longest-serving American county sheriffs but as matters turned out towards the end of his career, he seems to have collected a bit of dust on his reputation. It is often said that he was also the most notorious sheriff America has ever seen; thanks to the revelations that came out after he had a run in with the two journalists.

On the Hunt for Fugitives with Securus Technologies

Whenever my team of fugitive hunters is on a case, we need to rely on any local resources possible to help us make the streets of that city safe again. We got the call that a suspect in a number of home invasions was increasing his crime spree, and my team was asked to locate him before anyone else was hurt. Without any friends or family to interrogate, we had to look for another way to get a lead on this fugitive.


One thing that I know for certain in this industry is that criminals love to brag. If they cannot tell someone about the incredible crime they just pulled off, they simply don’t feel satisfied. They figure it isn’t really a successful crime if they aren’t able to prove to someone they pulled it off. This was my thinking when we headed to the local prison to try and pick the brains of the inmates. Little did I know we were off in a completely new direction.


Securus Technologies was responsible for the installation of the monitoring system in that prison, used to give corrections officers a better chance to hear everything inmates are saying while on the phones. Soon after we made our appearance, we got a tip from one of the officers that inmates were already talking about our suspect. One inmate in particular was warning his cousin to stop purchasing any stolen goods because the feds were knocking on the door hear looking for a fugitive doing just that.


Securus Technologies monitoring systems are currently in 2,400 prisons around this country, and the staff of a thousand are all dedicated to making the world safer. That is exactly what happened when we were able to get to the meeting and arrest our fugitive before the cousin could take any action.