Whitney Wolfe: Snooze Option Will Impact People Positively

There are many dating platforms in the United States today. However, Bumble remains to be unique when compared to all the others. The dating site was created by a woman who wanted the women in the society to enjoy something new in dating. Whitney Wolfe has done well in business, and she has continued to expand her app by adding new features that keep the clients happy. This year, Whitney Wolfe and her team accomplished so much for the forty million users who are currently registered with the application. According to a recent report from the popular app, Bumble will be allowing all its followers to have a break from the social media platform. These users can stay away from screen time and notifications for a period they are comfortable with.

The snooze feature from Bumble is like no other in the market. People can choose this option and tell their followers that they are travelling, doing a digital detox and even focusing on work. Whitney Wolfe thought that this was an ideal way of allowing the customers to have some break by silencing everything until they are ready to continue with their activities. People can choose the snooze option for different periods, depending on their need. When the user takes this option, they will not be appearing in the swipe option until the specified period is over. The users will also have a chance to explain their reasons for the snooze. Read this article at vogue.com to know more about Wolfe. The internet is a good platform where people can meet and interact. However, sometimes, when this platform is misused, people get engaged so much that they forget about other things happening around them. There are many applications that are established so that the users can remain engaged and active, but it is vital for people to understand the importance of a break. Whitney Wolfe is an expert in dating applications, and she has been observing how the social media activities affect the society. According to her, people need to alert the other users of the application when they are travelling into an area that has no network coverage. The businesswoman also believes that having some time away from the internet is beneficial in the lives of her clients.

Visit: https://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2017/11/14/billion-dollar-bumble-how-whitney-wolfe-herd-built-americas-fastest-growing-dating-app/


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