Doe Deere: The Morning Routine

Success and beauty are not always thought of as partners, but for Doe Deere, even her morning routine is poetic and truly artistic. One cannot help but see a connection between the way she lives her life and the integrity of her products and business.

She starts every day with an internal alarm that wakes her at 8:30 after she has had nine hours of sleep. She attributes this with the beauty of her skin and her ability to be clear and focused all day long no matter how much work or how many meetings have to be accomplished. Continuing with her morning, she practices mindfulness as she stretches, makes breakfast, and starts her favorite regimen: her makeup. To hear her tell it, this is one of her greatest meditations because she sees it as time she has the opportunity to spend on herself. This, she says, is the time when she feels truly free. It is apparent that through her makeup line, she wants all women to feel that freedom in their own regimens; through her products and business, she wants people to find their identity and their beauty from within and then seek to symbolize it by using Lime Crime’s unique products.

It’s inspiring to hear her process because with a little time, it’s something anyone could aspire to. She showers the night before so that her hair is dry by morning, she washes her face with Glossier (smells like roses), applies a foundation, and sets her makeup with powder. She then moves onto her brows, cheeks, and lips, the aspects that she says really bring the color to her face. More than anything she prefers a bold lip to top off her look; when paired with her purple hair, it’s a color combination that could take anyone’s breath away. She is the personification of her business; her unique and beautiful look reminds the world that there is still room for creativity in beauty.

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When she arrives at the office, she socializes and is clear and ready to begin the day. Sometimes she works until 6 in the evening but other nights are more demanding, requiring her to stay at the office until midnight. No matter how late, she ends her day with her two fluffy, lovable Persian cats. She then retires to bed, excited to start the following day with the same energy and anticipation.

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Most Americans Support An Independent Investigation Into Russian-Trump Ties

A new political poll shows that 61% of U.S. citizens support an independent investigation into the apparent ties between Russia and President Donald Trump. The poll, which was commissioned by End Citizens United, also found that a majority of people oppose the decision to fire James Comey, the now former FBI Director. The poll was conducted by PPP.

Tiffany Miller, the Executive Director of President of End Citizens United, released a statement in which she said that faith in the American system of government has collapsed to its lowest point ever. Most people believe that Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential election and did so with the help of Donald Trump and his campaign staff. People across the country want answers about this and are looking to restore faith in our system through an independent investigation.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that resulted in the political system becoming awash in the money of corporations and wealthy people. The ruling stated that by constricting how much any one entity can contribute to a political campaign is a restriction on their free speech rights, including corporations which they deemed to be people.

As more and more people become outraged about this Supreme Court decision they have donated to End Citizens United. For the 2016 Presidential election, this PAC brought in $25 million that was used to support politicians who want campaign finance reform. Since the election, the donations have accelerated with more than $4 million coming in just the first three months of the year. The people running End Citizens United now expect to bring in $35 million in donations in support of campaign finance reform for the 2018 midterm elections.

Tiffany Mueller has said that the average donation to their PAC is $12. The money is being given by regular people across the United States who can see that the political system has become completely rigged in favor of the rich and well-connected wealthy individuals, including those running corporations. Increasingly the only people who have a voice during elections and politics in general are those with the deepest pockets which is a perversion of how America is supposed to operate.

One of the recent politicians that End Citizens United has endorsed is Jon Ossoff, a Democrat running for what was perceived to be a safe Republican congressional seat. The seat was left vacant after then-Congressman Tom Price left the seat open as he was appointed to Health and Human Services Secretary. Surprising many, Jon Ossoff has been able to run a very effective campaign and is one of the two politicians who qualified for a special election to fill the seat.

Nestled Away at Beautiful Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology is a prestigious post-secondary institute. The intention of Wessex Institute is to provide knowledge transfer mechanisms between students and professionals. Activities that students participate in are divided into three main areas: Research, Conferences, and Publishing.

Wessex Institute is located in the beautiful New Forest National Park in central southern England, only 100km from London. The forest has been called one of the top wilderness areas in Western Europe. Visitors can observe local commoners with their ponies, cattle, and pigs on the forest land where they roam freely. The landscape of the forest has not been altered in centuries.Wessex Institute has organized a conference on design and nature. The papers from these conferences have even been published. Wessex Institute of Technology is a renown and prestigious choice for post-secondary education.

The Journey and Experiences that Led to Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries

There aren’t many people that take time to really think about the less fortunate in society or people that have been victims of catastrophic events, whether natural or manmade. Even the few that do, the most they can give is maybe a little contribution through organizations that do these types of charities. Well, one person that wanted to experience and empathizes with people that had been either affected or afflicted by these human catastrophes is Doug Levitt. He started the journey more than a decade ago and from the many experiences that he has had over the years, The Greyhound Diaries, a musical album was born.

Doug Levitt grew up in Washington and was educated in the Washington public school system. When he was a first year student at the University, his father committed suicide. This is an event that left him with a lot of question marks about the human condition. When he finished his studies, he started working as a foreign correspondent for CNN and MSNBC. He spent some time in war torn places and this solidified his need to interact more with the people that were passing through these situations and more information click here.

He quit his job and decided to go on a journey. The first stop on his journey was the bus stop. When he started out, he would just take the bus and interact with the people that were going through this stage in their lives. Upon invitation, he would follow a few of them and learn more about their experiences. Then, he decided that he needed to learn more about human struggles and this is where his journey turned from a mere pass time activity to a passion that would see him spend a decade pursuing. He travelled to Rwanda and Kosovo. He interacted with prisoners of war, people that had been displaced and those that had lost their loved ones. Along the way, he felt the need to document his experiences, hence the birth of the Greyhound Diaries. Through the inspirational music in the album and the stories that he tells, it is easy to see that Doug is a truly inspirational individual and learn more about Doug.

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The Healthcare Investor Magnate Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is healthcare investment magnate. Tananbaum is the chief executive officer and owner of Foresite Capital, which he started in 2011. The firm is a healthcare-dedicated firm held as a private equity company. It specializes in the identification of new healthcare leaders and then guides them to become wealthy entrepreneurs by providing them with networks, resources, and knowledge. Before starting Foresite Capital, Tananbaum is also a co-founder of two healthcare practices firms and two giant biopharmaceutical companies. His legacy includes driving the price of two drugs to below $80 million by starting GelTex Pharmaceuticals. By the time of its acquisition in 1998, Geltex raked revenue of up to $200 million from sales of its drug Renzela that led in the drug market at the time. Currently, Renzela has yearly revenue of $1 billion two decades after its invention. Foresite Capital, however, remains as Tananbaum’s best company. Check out his page

Tananbaum came up with the idea of Foresite Capital after two-and-a-half decade career as an investment strategist and healthcare entrepreneur especially from his experience in the science that drives innovation as well as the team that makes innovations a reality. The name “Foresite” therefore underscores the firm’s understanding and harnessing of the future of healthcare as its competitive edge. The company focuses its effort in supplying networks, knowledge, and capital to emerging healthcare entrepreneurs to help in steering their business success.

Tananbaum further treasures work-family balance and interpersonal relationships. He finds time to dine with his family daily despite his busy schedule. Tananbaum also enjoys the company of friends and further practices as a health care expert in his clinic despite his status as the chief executive officer. He further believes in encouraging innovation through recruitment, facilitation, and provision to talented leaders as opposed to imposing his ideas to his staff.

Tananbaum is a great fun of innovations, especially in genetic and molecular sciences. He further identifies himself as a scholar despite his senior position at Foresite Capital. Furthermore, he treasures partnership or teamwork for its synergic improvement on productivity and equally detests relationships that inhibit rather than reinforces performance. Tananbaum further underscores risks taking and critical thinking as the driver of his investment and entrepreneurial success. Visit medium to know more.

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Australian Lingerie Brand Honey Birdette Boutique Sails Into The US Market

Honey Birdette, Australia’s first sensual boutique was conceived over a chilled glass of bubbly. Friends and Founders Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza were lamenting how hard it was to find high-quality, provocative lingerie and bedroom toys when they conceived the brand. Each item, including HB’s line of adult toys, is conceptualized and created in-house at Honey Birdette Headquarters.

Behind the black lacquered doors of Honey Birdette boutique, you will find sensual lingerie, the kind of silky, lacy numbers that will ignite any bedroom. Honey Birdette takes pride in the quality of its product and does not shy away from more risque materials like latex. For novice shoppers unsure of what they may be looking for the Birdette Honeys are there to help. The shopgirls at HB take their jobs as representatives very seriously, providing assistance and a bit of cheeky theatricality. After choosing the perfect piece of lingerie you can enhance your bedroom experience with HB’s line of unique boudoir accessories like massage candles, leather crops, cuffs, collars, and harnesses. Honey Birdette offers a range of sensual experiences from delicate erotica to BDSM and they are bringing their brand of sexuality to the US and expanding their UK presence.

After experiencing a 347 % increase in US online sales over the last 12 months Honey Birdette has launched a dedicated US e-commerce site. The site will offer faster delivery, free shipping (on orders over $50) easier returns and an extended product range. Honey Birdette is also looking to launch retail stores in the US that will fill the void for a sensual boutique that offers everything you need for bedroom fun. The brand will also expand their presence in the UK, opening 10 more stores including at Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool with a project 40 by the end of next year.

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Shifting Careers and becoming a Finance Guru

When it comes to matters to do with finance, Brian Bonar is more than an expert. The current President of Trucept Incorporated has had a long journey to get to where he is. Working as a manager in many companies, he has seen his career grow to currently being seen as an executive leader in the finance world.


Brian Bonar has an outstanding technical background. He went to James Watt Technical College where he pursued Mechanical Engineering from 1963 to 1969. He then went ahead to do his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stafford University from 1973 to 1985.

Career Journey and Accomplishments

Brian got his first job in April 1969 working as the Procurement Manager for IBM. He was responsible for outsourcing motherboards for IBM computers. Later on, he went ahead to work with QMS as the Director of Engineering for four years before a career turn to Vice President, Sales and Marketing in Rastek Corporation In 1989.

He then became the Sales manager of Adaptec immediately after leaving Rastek where he worked for one year. After gaining experience in the business world, his ambitions pushed him to become the Founder and CEO of Bezier Systems which was the company that launched the first SCSI-based printer. He then joined Itec Imaging Technologies as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he worked for four years.

San Diego Magazine has it that Brian Bonar was named the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services where he continued to further his experience in Sales and Marketing and insurance products relationships. Before becoming the Chairman and CEO of Trucept in 2011, he had been the Founder and managing member of AMS Outstanding and continues to serve Dalrada Financial Services as the CEO and Chairman.

Business acumen

Brian’s knowledge and skills gained from the long career journey in engineering and business has propelled his prowess in finance. He built a restaurant, Bellamy’s in California. He was able to bring in top chefs and staffs from his favorite restaurants to come work for him. This made Bellamy’s to become one of the most successful restaurants in the area.

The restaurant is known for offering modern cuisine with French influences accompanied with impeccable service. His specialties in mergers and acquisition make him stand out from all other employees. Not to mention his architectural and technical brilliance which makes him fit for the top positions he has continued to hold.

Outside the office

Brian Bonar is not an all work and no play kind of a person. He is a family man who loves spending quality time with his family. He also enjoys golfing and going on boat trips, which for a successful person like him, he needs to have plenty. It is no surprise that he even received the Who’s Who in America in the year 2000.

Traits of the Talented


Based on the Meyers Briggs personality categories, there are celebrities that can be described just using a specific group of letters. Nothing is much more cooler than that, right?

Here are a few:


ISFP- This personality trait is that of a person that is gentle and soft internally. They are sensitive and usually wear their feelings on their sleeves. They are also mindful of those around them that may be in need. For example, Michael Jackson has this trait. He was very shy and soft spoken. He also gave to many charities.

ENFP famous people– This personality trait describes a person who is full of energy and outgoing. They are something like “the life of the party.” Sandra Bullock, a well known actress, fits in with that trait. She is always very energetic in her movies. She is a people’s person.

INTJ- This is one that describes someone who is not afraid to think outside of the box. They are self-starters at heart. They think with a strategy behind everything. Ashley Olson is an actress and more so now has her own brand. She did not let anything get in her way.

INFJ-The best way to explain this trait is someone who is not afraid to share their visions and ideas. They also are very giving, trying to help people grow. Oprah Winfrey, one of the wealthiest women in the United States has this trait. She dedicated her entire career giving her voice to help others.

Can WEN be Used on Thin Hair?

Bustle blogger, Emily Mcclure, is another testimony of how Wen hair can truly transform any type of hair. This beauty blogger decided to use the product for a full week on her thin hair and ranted about how great it made her hair look.

The WEN cleansing conditioner is a sulfate free product that does not strip the hair of natural oils. It is a Sephora 5-in-1 product that takes place of a shampoo, conditioner and other hair styling products. It is formulated with all natural plant oils that restore strength and shine to all hair types.

Emily was pleasantly surprised with WEN from the first day of use. She showered as usual and pumped the product several times into her hair, as per the instructions. She noted that she experienced less hair fallout and smoother hair overall. After heat styling her hair as usual, Emily was amazed by how soft and shiny her hair was.

She used the product again over the course of the next 6 days. Her hair became more soft and manageable each time. In fact, her hair became so soft that her hair would not hold curls from a curling iron she tried using. She also received compliments from friends and colleagues on how great her hair looked.

Emily did experience her hair feeling weighed down when she attempted to use an additional styling product after using WEN. However, WEN discourages using other products. It is already formulated to take place of leave-in products and conditioners.

Overall Emily said on Twitter that she was pleased with the product and said she would use it again, especially when she is in need of extra volume and shine.

WEN by Chaz offers a line of other products, including nourishing mousse and styling cream. To date, WEN has sold over 40 million bottles.

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Doe Deere Impresses a Growing Consumer Base

Doe Deere has done a lot of different things in the fashion and cosmetics world. At one time she was building a fashion line, but she would focus more on the cosmetics line as time progressed. This was the thing that has allowed her to create Lime Crime. This was a very interesting progression to the cosmetics world.


Currently there is a semi-permanent hair dye from Lime Crime that has become a conversation starter in salons and beauty shops around the world. What Doe Deere has managed to do is engage customers by wearing the cosmetics that she is advertising to consumers.


Doe Deere has supplied a new generation that is interested in her cosmetics brand, and she doesn’t have to bait customers with any tricks. She is simply being herself and asserting herself in the cosmetics arena as a rebel. She is doing what the competition has failed to do. She is presenting the type of eyeliner, lip gloss and makeup shades that have not been part of the cosmetics world before. People are impressed with what she has managed to accomplish, and there is no doubt that her brand is going to penetrate a whole new generation of consumers. She is after the consumers that are not interested in settling cosmetics monotony. Doe Deere wanted to do something new, and she was pushing for a brand new type of vibe that would progress the brand.


Doe Deere has been doing her best to build a brand that people are excited about. She uses social media to keep the buzz going about her company, and people are going to hop at the chance to take a look at what she offers. This is the type of company that is growing, and Doe Deere has become quite masterful as a marketing leader that goes against the grain and gets results.


She is adding her own touch and daring consumers to step out and try something new and exciting. This is her desire, and this is what makes people gravitate towards this brand.


In a world where everyone is trying to duplicate what is successful, Doe Deere stands out as an innovator that is not afraid to take on risks. She has challenged her fans and others that have been using cosmetics for years to look at makeup in a different way. She has done this successfully and consumers want more.


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