Ingridients of Success with Marc Sparks

While some people become involved with philanthropy as a show-off, some get involved to help the poor because it’s truly what they want and this is the man Marc Sparks is.

He has helped people his entire life. For this reason, nature has returned his kindness with kindness as he has managed to establish himself as a serial entrepreneur owning several businesses on the way.

He is, therefore, known as a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist. As a philanthropist, some of the causes that he has funded include the Samaritan Inn, Habitats for Humanity and the American Can! Foundation.


With the Samaritan Inn, Marc has been involved with the institution since the early 80s, and some of his major achievements with the facility are funding so as the institution can have food and also offer shelter to the homeless. With the Habitat for Humanity, he has been involved with building homes for the less fortunate people.

He, however, specializes in the Dallas community. Finally, with the American Can! Foundation, his major responsibility is providing learning materials for children that come from economically challenged backgrounds. Some of the learning material that he offers includes books, computers as well as other accessories.

Venture Capitalist

As a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks listens to other people’s ideas and decides whether he will fund them. If he likes the idea, he connects you with the money or someone who can. If the idea is not too good, Marc Sparks guides you on how to improve. Among his most known tips are;

  1. To receive the funding of a venture capitalist, ensure that you have a unique idea that is hard to replicate.
  2. You need to have faith in your idea before you can have someone else believe in your idea.
  3. As a businessman, you should always have a business strategy in your mind at all times.

Current ventures

Currently, Marc Sparks has diversified investments. His investments are spread in the real estate industry, the technology industry among others. Some of his well-known ventures include the Blue Jay Wireless technology, Cardinal Telecom as well as Splash Media Technologies. As of now, this investment guru is involved with another venture called the Timber Creek Capital as the chief executive officer. Marc Sparks is a Dallas native.


On his free time, Marc Sparks is a published author of a book called They Can’t Eat You. His main aim with this book is to inspire other people to be the best version of themselves.

Marc Sparks was not good with books as he acquired a C+ grade in college. He uses his life as an example that anyone can succeed. The only ingredient to success according to Marc Sparks is determination, hard work and unrelenting desire to beat odds.