How Richard Blair and His Dedicated Team of Employees Provide Wealth Management and Financial Planning Services to Clients in Austin, TX

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory company based in Austin, TX. The firm was founded in 1994 with the aim to protect, grow and manage client’s assets.The entity has truly grown because of the visionary leadership, and professional experience of founder Richard Blair. Some of the main services the firm offers include financial planning, wealth management and retirement planning. Learn more:


The company offers wealth management services to clients by first creating an investment portfolio that’s highly diversified, and also one that that suits the needs and wants each and every client. This means that the firm has to invest in both traditional and alternative investment schemes so as to minimize risk and grow profits.


Wealth Solutions also offer financial planning services to its wide range of clientele. In designing a solid financial plan for clients, Blair and his team asses clients’ short and long term financial goals. This is achieved through analyzing the current assets and liabilities of a given entity in order to gauge the true financial position. It’s only after such a forensic audits that the firm designs financial plans that are geared to help clients become financial free.


Retirement planning is also an important service that the company provides.Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions believes that retirement planning should start as early as possible and should not be taken for granted. By following his firm’s retirement plan, clients can grow their retirement benefits to a point where they don’t have to struggle financially in later years.


Because of his vision and foresight, Wealth Solutions has grown tremendously over the years. Blair is a highly qualified, and experienced business executive with over 20 years in the financial management space. He has overseen the growth of Wealth Solutions to where it is today because of the the sole belief people ought to have solid financial plans, if they are to be financially independent. But Blair hasn’t achieved all that alone, he has worked alongside a talented, and dedicated team of employees to grow Wealth Solutions to where it is today. As a financial advisor, Blair has various certifications that include CFS, CAS, CES and RICP. Learn more:


Aside from his impressive educational background, his childhood experience has also played a part in making Wealth Solutions a top wealth management company in Austin, TX. Blair was inspired to provide financial advisory services to small businesses and individuals by his family’s teaching background. His mother and grandmother were both teachers, and thus from an early age, he witnessed how education transformed people’s lives in terms on knowledge, skills and confidence.

Anthony Petrello’s Wealth Depresses a Former College Roommate

Anthony Petrello, the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, is recognized as a mathematician genius who broke the heart of a world-renowned professor Serge Lang by choosing to study law. He holds an M.S degree in Mathematics from Yale University and a Juries Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School. His freshman year roommate Lloyd Grove describes him as a charming extroverted genius and more information click here.

After University, Antony Petrello worked at Baker & McKenzie law firm for twelve years. He climbed the leadership ranks to become the company’s managing partner in 1986. In 1991, he left the law firm to work for its client, Nabors Industries, Houston, as a specialist in corporate taxes. He held the position of the deputy chairman of the company’s board from 2003 until he became the company’s CEO in 2011 and later board chairman in 2012.

According to the seemingly depressed Lloyd Grove, Antony Petrello is seriously wealthy. He is right. Mr. Petrello had topped the list as the highest paid CEO in 2013.However, in 2014 was not on the list. Though under his leadership the share prices of the company had gone up by 180%, he still was on the receiving end of shareholders rage because of his substantial compensation the previous year. The result of which was a shareholders’ rebellion that led to the change of Nabors Industries corporate governance and compensation and learn more about Anthony.

The changes included separation of the roles of the CEO and the chairman, two posts Antony held initially and capping executive severance payments. These changes aimed at reducing Antony Petrello’s paycheck and reversing the money to the shareholders. Nevertheless, his compensation remains high. In 2015, his total income was $27.7 million, nearly 735 times more than the salary of the average office clerk. He earned about $16.9 million as awards on stocks, $6.12 million as bonuses and only $1.6 million as salary while the remainder came from other compensations and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

Besides being the CEO of Nabors Industries, Antony Petrello has been a director of Stewart $ Stevenson, LLC and Texas Children Hospital. He has donated $7 million to the hospital to support a neurological research center. He currently serves as the director of too.

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The Journey and Experiences that Led to Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries

There aren’t many people that take time to really think about the less fortunate in society or people that have been victims of catastrophic events, whether natural or manmade. Even the few that do, the most they can give is maybe a little contribution through organizations that do these types of charities. Well, one person that wanted to experience and empathizes with people that had been either affected or afflicted by these human catastrophes is Doug Levitt. He started the journey more than a decade ago and from the many experiences that he has had over the years, The Greyhound Diaries, a musical album was born.

Doug Levitt grew up in Washington and was educated in the Washington public school system. When he was a first year student at the University, his father committed suicide. This is an event that left him with a lot of question marks about the human condition. When he finished his studies, he started working as a foreign correspondent for CNN and MSNBC. He spent some time in war torn places and this solidified his need to interact more with the people that were passing through these situations and more information click here.

He quit his job and decided to go on a journey. The first stop on his journey was the bus stop. When he started out, he would just take the bus and interact with the people that were going through this stage in their lives. Upon invitation, he would follow a few of them and learn more about their experiences. Then, he decided that he needed to learn more about human struggles and this is where his journey turned from a mere pass time activity to a passion that would see him spend a decade pursuing. He travelled to Rwanda and Kosovo. He interacted with prisoners of war, people that had been displaced and those that had lost their loved ones. Along the way, he felt the need to document his experiences, hence the birth of the Greyhound Diaries. Through the inspirational music in the album and the stories that he tells, it is easy to see that Doug is a truly inspirational individual and learn more about Doug.

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The Astounding Exploits of Scott Rocklage in the Healthcare Industry

In 2003, 5 AM Ventures announced a significant addition to their executive ranks. Scoot Rocklage is the individual who was appointed as the newest venture partner. Owing to over three decades of in-depth experience accrued in the healthcare industry, Scott was the most favorable candidate to land the job. Before joining 5 AM, Scoot has overseen the development of an array of trailblazing therapies, all of which had been approved by FDA, the authority charged with scrutinizing new medicines and their suitability for human use.

Within a year after joining 5 AM, Scott Rocklage’s reputation had soared considerably, a factor that played a key role in his promotion to managing partner. Apart from masterminding the creation of revolutionary remedies, Scott boasts of an extensive work portfolio, graced by a myriad of prominent firms. In his extraordinary career, he has worked for Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, among other companies. Also, he sits on the boards of several institutions such as Ilypsa, Semprus, and Novira, just to name a few.

Scoot Rocklage is a proficient academic, possessing numerous academic certificates. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley. His main area of study was Chemistry. He pursued his doctorate from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where a Ph.D. in Chemistry was conferred on him. After valediction, Scoot engaged in innovative activities and has up to date file over 30 patents. Further, he has authored over a century of widely acknowledged publications and Scott of LInkedin.

5 AM Ventures stands out among its peers, mainly because it is science-oriented, a field that is not as widely explored by entrepreneurs. The enterprise sources its distinctive name from 5 a.m., primarily because it deals with businesses which are still in their early stages of development and more information click here.

Rocklage spends his days trying to keep up with the evolving trends in life science. When not learning, he interacts with fellow executives to formulate development strategies for his firm. These strategies are them implemented with the help of industry experts, after which products (cutting-edge medicines in this case) are unveiled to the consumers and learn more about Scott.

As a science enthusiast, the advancements in genetics fascinate Scott. These developments have restored not only hope to cancer patients but also saved numberless lives. Moreover, Scott enhances his productivity by maintaining accurate preparation methods and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

Arthur Becker and His Newest Luxury Project on 465 Washington Street

Even though Arthur Becker has been the reason behind the success of some of the top developers in the country like Kevin Maloney, Michael Stern, and Robert Gladstone, he is looking to come out of the shadow this time. He is planning to invest in a building on 465 Washington Street in Tribeca that is expected to sell at $52.5 million. He divulged his plans in an exclusive interview with the Real Deal where he said that he would be turning the building into a boutique building that will have its interiors designed by Paris Forino. The current five-storey building will be converted into a ten storied building. He has already bought the rights for the construction from the owners of the nearby building at 471 Washington. Once the project is completed, it will have seven apartments and duplex penthouse that is expected to sell for anything between $5 million and about $14 million for the penthouse. Reference sourced: Madison Partners

Being in the real estate industry for long, Arthur Becker loves his work. He is the former chairman of Zinio LLC and currently is the Managing Director of Atlantic Investors LLC where he has been working with since the year 2002. He is also the managing member of Madison Technology Group LLC. While working with Navisite between 2002 and 2010, he developed an interest in the real estate market. It was then that he left the company to pursue his dream. He started out investing in condominiums in the main cities like Florida, Miami and New York. He has also invested in a number of townhouses construction on Sullivan Street in New York City, more details can be found on LinkedIn.

Arthur Becker is an inspiration for entrepreneurs, and he loves to share his knowledge and experience with others. While working with Parks Department in a small town when he was 16, he came to know how young children are paid less money for difficult jobs. It was this situation that led him to find employment that will offer him more money. He urged entrepreneurs to stay informed about new opportunities in the market and to pursue them depending on their knowledge. For more info visit his website

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How To Develop Jason Hope Charisma In AZ

Let’s face it some people are absolutely repulsive to you while others are appealing. The latter is the result of charisma while the other is not. This is one of the qualities that keeps people wanting to do business and party with John Hope. Like anything else in life charisma can be developed, so let’s have a look and see how it is done.

Eye Contact
Anyone who has ever had a rapport with a person has experienced the power of eye contact. The eyes are where connections intensify and that is what people like Bill Clinton and John Hope exploited on their paths to success. Each time you interact with a person you want to treat them like they are worthy of your attention. John does this, but not in a way that makes the person feel uncomfortable. A brief glance away can make the eye contact seem more natural.

Confidence is probably the single most important attitude in Jason Hope’s career. Without it he would have been discouraged long ago. Readers must realize that to be charismatic you absolutely have to believe in what you are doing. Then you have to express that belief, so that people know you mean business. This is why soldiers mindlessly follow charismatic leaders into battle. John Hope has a loyal team of employees that do his bidding because he always acts as if things will get better no matter what. This is charisma in the truest sense.

It is a well known fact that words are powerful tools of influence. If you want people to like you as much as they do Jason Hope then you need to become a better linguist. The idea when conversing with people is to steer the conversation in a direction that brings comfort, joy and meaning, otherwise it is just small talk. You must invoke their emotions using powerful words, memories and asking the right questions. This is a skill that anyone can learn simply by practicing often.