The 2017 Graduating Class at the Academy of Art University

The young fashion designers who were displaying their creations at this year’s graduating class of Academy of Art University included representatives from all over the United States and the world. They wowed an audience composed of distinguished personalities like Ms. J Alexander from America’s Top Model, Sara Kozlowski the Director of Education and Professional Development at the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc. (CFDA).


After working for weeks, days and at the last minute, the students presented a fashion show that was the culmination of their labor and creativity. Their efforts were inspiring and mesmerizing. The different backgrounds were evident in the wide variety of avenues sought for expression.

It all boiled down to a meer fifteen minutes on the runway, but each young designer got that opportunity to show everyone what they could imagine in a livestream presentation.



Hailun Zhou obtained an MFA in Fashion Design and comes from Qing Dao, China.

She was selected for the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase for which she crafted PVC, vinyl and cloth outerwear, separates and dresses inspired by a day trip she recently took.


Eden Slezin received a MFA in Fashion Design and hales from the San Francisco. Using denim donated from Cone Denim and additional fabrics from recycled bike tubes created very unique styles that were akin to living sculptures. Eden was the finalist for the CFDA Elaine Gold Launch Pad.


Dina Marie Lam was also chosen for the CFDA Showcase and received the BCBGMAXAZRIA Super Intern award created designs made from soft and luxurious fabrics which suggested warmth and coziness. She obtained a MFA in Fashion Design and was inspired by the loss of her aunt.


Carlos Rodriguez was born in Mexico City, Mexico, but raised in California. Using hand and machine embroidery to accent his modern day designs were somewhat inspired by his recent internship at a tech startup Savitude. He received a BFA in Fashion Design.


Saya Shen is from Beijing, China. She animates the images of digital prints on nature creating bigger than life silhouettes. The landscapes of San Francisco inspired her. She earned her MFA in Fashion Design.


Joanna Jadallah is from Chicago, Illinois, but reared in Orange County, California. He family is from Palestine. Her ancestry gave her the inspiration for her designs. She uses suitings, lambskin, brocades and cashmere knits to capture the feeling of her family’s origins. She earned a MFA in Menswear.


Cana Klebanoff is from Queens, New York by way of New Jersey. He earned a BFA in Knitwear Design. His creations were inspired by the Japanese samurai. He also won the San Francisco-Paris Sister City Scholarship Exchange to study for a full academic year in Paris, France at Studio Berçot.


Ryan Yu was born in Shenyang, Liaoning, China and he earned an MFA in Fashion Design. He highlights a focus on construction and bold contrast in his runway pieces.


Jelly Shan is from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. She obtained her inspiration for her line from a recent trip to northwestern China. She recalled the images created by the temples, clothing and the prayer flags. She interned at SHUSHU/TONG and Max Studio. She is graduating with a MFA in Fashion Design.


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