Most Americans Support An Independent Investigation Into Russian-Trump Ties

A new political poll shows that 61% of U.S. citizens support an independent investigation into the apparent ties between Russia and President Donald Trump. The poll, which was commissioned by End Citizens United, also found that a majority of people oppose the decision to fire James Comey, the now former FBI Director. The poll was conducted by PPP.

Tiffany Miller, the Executive Director of President of End Citizens United, released a statement in which she said that faith in the American system of government has collapsed to its lowest point ever. Most people believe that Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential election and did so with the help of Donald Trump and his campaign staff. People across the country want answers about this and are looking to restore faith in our system through an independent investigation.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that resulted in the political system becoming awash in the money of corporations and wealthy people. The ruling stated that by constricting how much any one entity can contribute to a political campaign is a restriction on their free speech rights, including corporations which they deemed to be people.

As more and more people become outraged about this Supreme Court decision they have donated to End Citizens United. For the 2016 Presidential election, this PAC brought in $25 million that was used to support politicians who want campaign finance reform. Since the election, the donations have accelerated with more than $4 million coming in just the first three months of the year. The people running End Citizens United now expect to bring in $35 million in donations in support of campaign finance reform for the 2018 midterm elections.

Tiffany Mueller has said that the average donation to their PAC is $12. The money is being given by regular people across the United States who can see that the political system has become completely rigged in favor of the rich and well-connected wealthy individuals, including those running corporations. Increasingly the only people who have a voice during elections and politics in general are those with the deepest pockets which is a perversion of how America is supposed to operate.

One of the recent politicians that End Citizens United has endorsed is Jon Ossoff, a Democrat running for what was perceived to be a safe Republican congressional seat. The seat was left vacant after then-Congressman Tom Price left the seat open as he was appointed to Health and Human Services Secretary. Surprising many, Jon Ossoff has been able to run a very effective campaign and is one of the two politicians who qualified for a special election to fill the seat.