Enlisting the Help of a Professional Event Planning Company

There are a lot of aspects to consider when planning an event. The professional event planners NYC has available for hire use their skills to help create events that range from the very lavish to the elegantly simplistic. These professionals also offer helpful tips to people interested in creating their own memorable event. The key to pulling off a great event is to stay focused and organized. In addition to having a master list of things to do, there should also be a shopping list of necessary supplies, a guest list for invitations and a list of services that might need to be contracted for the event.


Coordinating a special event could be made easier when a theme is used. Not only does this take the guesswork out of what type of party supplies to buy, but it also makes the event more festive. The professional event planning companies in NYC also know how to create foods that will delight the senses. These experts recommend keeping the appetizers simple to save time in preparation.


When to Call in the Experts


While most people can organize a simple family birthday party, there are times when it is helpful to enlist the skills of professional event planners like those who work at Twenty Three Layers. This company’s broad range of services includes everything from floral design to photography. When looking for the type of highly skilled corporate event planners NYC has available for hire, the team at Twenty Three Layers stands apart from all the rest. They work closely with clients to provide the very best in cuisine as well as entertainment. In addition to planning exceptional corporate events, these professionals can also help with venue selection and brand recognition.


Weddings are designed to be especially memorable, which is why the experts at Twenty Three Layers offer services for lighting, custom printing and catering. This team strives to create the type of atmosphere guests will remember long after the wedding ceremony is over. They understand the importance little touches can bring to an event, which is why they work hard to bring their client’s vision to life.

WSJ Wealth Adviser’s Columnist Interviews David Giertz

David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. has nearly 29 years of expertise as a licensed broker and financial advisor. His career in the investment and banking industry began in 1988 while working for Skokie Federal Savings, Mony Securities Corporation, and The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. He also worked for Financial Horizons Securities, Citicorp Investment Services, FI/WH, and Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Throughout his career, he has helped thousands of consumers with financial planning for future retirement, investing, and other services.

In 2014, Mr. David Giertz focused his attention on the importance of financial advisers to discuss social security with their clients; and shares his viewpoint in an WSJ Wealth Adviser interview with Columnist Veronica Dagher. During the interview, David Giertz discussed the necessity of financial planners to talk to their clients about social security. In a study conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, 900 consumers the age of 50 or older were surveyed and stated they were not told about social security by their advisor. Mr. Giertz said that from the prospective of an advisor on Instagram, it’s very significant from a retention prospective after the survey revealed that four out of five consumers said they would change advisors if their financial advisor didn’t discuss social security.

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The reasoning behind David Giertz assessment about social security counselling is the complexity of its handbook, which has 2700 rules. He says it’s a lot to comprehend and part of it is understanding and confidence around those rules. Advisors need to take interest into the situation, he said, because they are part of the retirement planning process. Giertz also emphasized on the survey finding that retirees who withdrew social security too soon could possibly loss up to $300,000 over a 25-year timeframe. He ended the interview by saying social security must be discussed with clients to optimize their retirement income.

Reference: https://soundcloud.com/davidgiertz

Traveling Vineyard Wines Business

Why so many people are getting started with Traveling Vineyard Wines is because of the low payment to start your participation. This is mainly for people who want to start a business but not have much risk.

Once you get started, they will team you up with an experienced mentor that will guide you through your first few events. It seems as if the goal for every individual is to start their own business through the Traveling Vineyard company. As mentioned before they not only give you a mentor but give you a kit that ultimately help you with your business. This kit comes with two five bottle tasting sets of their exclusive wines and 18 wine tasting glasses.

The benefits to participate with Traveling Vineyard are that you get your own website to manage all the aspects of your business, management of events and clients, and also input interest to orders. The most unique part about the website is that it is yours free for three months. So the question is “What it is this low payments to get started?”
It costs $175 dollars.

Judging by their social media the host many events and little to men are a part of this business when looking at their FaceBook page. They are actively posting each day about career opportunities and briefly talking about their experiences with the company. “I learned from day one that you don’t have to be an expert, we have a training guide to help walk you through the steps to help walk you through events, you don’t have to recreate the wheel, you can start making money, and start making new friends while having a wonderful time”.

Ingridients of Success with Marc Sparks

While some people become involved with philanthropy as a show-off, some get involved to help the poor because it’s truly what they want and this is the man Marc Sparks is.

He has helped people his entire life. For this reason, nature has returned his kindness with kindness as he has managed to establish himself as a serial entrepreneur owning several businesses on the way.

He is, therefore, known as a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist. As a philanthropist, some of the causes that he has funded include the Samaritan Inn, Habitats for Humanity and the American Can! Foundation.


With the Samaritan Inn, Marc has been involved with the institution since the early 80s, and some of his major achievements with the facility are funding so as the institution can have food and also offer shelter to the homeless. With the Habitat for Humanity, he has been involved with building homes for the less fortunate people.

He, however, specializes in the Dallas community. Finally, with the American Can! Foundation, his major responsibility is providing learning materials for children that come from economically challenged backgrounds. Some of the learning material that he offers includes books, computers as well as other accessories.

Venture Capitalist

As a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks listens to other people’s ideas and decides whether he will fund them. If he likes the idea, he connects you with the money or someone who can. If the idea is not too good, Marc Sparks guides you on how to improve. Among his most known tips are;

  1. To receive the funding of a venture capitalist, ensure that you have a unique idea that is hard to replicate.
  2. You need to have faith in your idea before you can have someone else believe in your idea.
  3. As a businessman, you should always have a business strategy in your mind at all times.

Current ventures

Currently, Marc Sparks has diversified investments. His investments are spread in the real estate industry, the technology industry among others. Some of his well-known ventures include the Blue Jay Wireless technology, Cardinal Telecom as well as Splash Media Technologies. As of now, this investment guru is involved with another venture called the Timber Creek Capital as the chief executive officer. Marc Sparks is a Dallas native.


On his free time, Marc Sparks is a published author of a book called They Can’t Eat You. His main aim with this book is to inspire other people to be the best version of themselves.

Marc Sparks was not good with books as he acquired a C+ grade in college. He uses his life as an example that anyone can succeed. The only ingredient to success according to Marc Sparks is determination, hard work and unrelenting desire to beat odds.

Eric Pulier: Programmer, Political Activist And Philanthropist in Young Children’s Programs

Eric Pulier is on the boards of both XPrize and the Painted Turtle. XPrize is a foundation whose mission is to encourage young people to figure out how to solve scientific issues through technological ideas. The Painted Turtle is a summer camp that affords young people with disabilities a week of fun and thrills. Pulier has developed numerous technology platforms and software for both business and non-profit organizations and he believes young people can change the world through their ideas. Pulier has been active in politics serving at former President Clinton’s Global Initiative and Vice President Al Gore’s forum. He’s also the author of a business textbook, Understanding Enterprise SOA.

Eric Pulier started out in the IT business when he was still in high school when he began programming. He helped design different computer systems at his school and graduated with a scholarship to Harvard University. While at Harvard he studied both English and American literature and was an editor at the Harvard Crimson newsletter. He also took classes at MIT and graduated with high honors from both universities.

Pulier relocated to Los Angeles soon after and first worked with a social activist group called People Doing Things that emphasized computer-based solutions. A couple years later Pulier founded his first company, Digital Evolution. The company specialized in interactive media software and later was bought by US Interactive LLC. Pulier started several other business software and network infrastructure companies including Desktone, Akana and ServiceMesh. ServiceMesh was bought by the Computer Sciences Corporation and Pulier served as an executive there for a few years.

Pulier joined former President Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign in 1996 and was chosen to launch the Presidential Technology Exhibition which featured Bridge to the 21st Century. This exhibit showed developments that would change lives in the coming years and also had a live video for the astronauts in the space shuttle that had launched that year. Pulier also got involved with healthcare at Starbright World, a virtual reality program that was hosted at several children’s hospitals across the nation. The program encouraged children to fight the diseases and also included videoconferencing and social media.

Arthur Becker Stresses The Importance Of Being Surrounded By The Right People

Arthur Becker is someone who knows his limits and motivations. Therefore, he is able to bring his ideas to life in a way that means the most. The industry that he works in is real estate investing. He is one of the members in the management seat of Madison Partners LLC. Madison Partners is an investment firm that is centered on real estate and biotechnology. Therefore, it is a very lucrative company because it is involved in a good earning opportunity. Arthur Becker is someone who has a lot of good business ideas and skills with money management. Therefore, he is able to make a lot of profitable decisions while managing the amount of money he loses.

Arthur has gotten his inspiration for Madison Partners when he has gained an interest in real estate and technology. He has decided he wanted to be an influence in these industries. One of the best ways that he could be an influence is by investing in projects and assets that he believes in. He has also made the type of life he wants with flexible days because of the type of a business he manages. Flexibility can go a long way towards bringing forth the success that is needed. See, arthurbeckerstudio.com.

Arthur Becker also states in his Perez Hilton interview that it is important to be surrounded by the right people. For one thing, he has told people that he is the most effective when he is surrounded by respectable people. Among the people he works best at are experts and professionals in the world of real estate and technology. These are the ones that bring out the best ideas and work from him because they help him not only bring his business forward, but also bring the industry forward as a whole when it comes to offering solutions to people.



Fabletics Taking Over Retail Market

Fabletics is an online retailer subscription based company that is ready to take on major competitor, Amazon. Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics, a company that provides athletic-wear to online shoppers. Fabletics has enjoyed amazing success with their online retail company. However, the company is now finding success with the reverse showroom technique. Certainly, other retailers are looking at this business marketing technique and taking note of customer’s reactions. The fact is that reverse showrooming is not new. For years, consumers have browsed the Internet, researching products and making their purchases in local retail stores. Fabletics has embraced the reverse showrooming technique and used it to their advantage.


Reverse Showrooming In Action

Amazon has been around for over a decade. Clearly, Fabletics is the new kid on the block. However, they are primed to take on Amazon’s retail clothing line with the reverse showroom technique. Fabletics offers a high quality brand of clothing that women find inspirational and rivals higher priced, designer brands in quality. Mixing this with ease of purchase online and membership subscriptions drove Fabletics to the forefront. Now, the company is in the process of opening physical stores across the country. They imagine that their subscription members will research the latest Fabletics outfits online and visit their physical stores to complete their purchases. Clearly, this is a very good opportunity for the brand to capture more sales and more customers.


Success Secrets

Fabletics General Manager has plenty to say about Fabletics rise to the top of the retail industry. Gregg Throgmartin states that the company offers their customers something that a lot of companies fail to do. They offer a high quality brand at an affordable price. In addition, the company offers their customers great personalized service and a growing list of trendy clothing that is not yet available at other retailers. Their personalized service is all about understanding the customer’s taste and style. This makes it extremely easy to provide the type of clothing that completely satisfies their customers.




Fabletics is an online retail clothing line that is an amazing success story. The co-founder of the clothing line is Kate Hudson, a well-known actress. Fabletics is basically a monthly subscription fitness apparel company that offers their customers customized trendy outfits each month. However, those that join and become a VIP member receive a few extra perks. For example, their first outfit is only $25. In addition, the VIP member is eligible for other perks and special discounts.


Teri Hutcheon is a blogger that has a few interesting things to say about Fabletics. She’s been a member for a few years and loves the idea that you receive handpicked outfits each month for less than $50. Most of the outfits are worth much more than that in value and quality. She states that the quality of the clothing is good. She was also very impressed with the wide variety of styles that was available. Certainly, this is one blogger that recognizes style and quality. Fabletics is definitely giving Amazon a run for the money.

Alexandre Gama, His Company and Awards

Alexandre Gama (June 1, 1958 Rio De Janeiro) is a professional specializing in communications and advertising. In 1982, Gama started his career at Ogilvy & Mather copywriting. He moved to DM9, in 1990, as Copywriter & Creative Director. Then he moved to Almap BBDO, and then Young & Rubicam. Finally, he started his company Neogama.


Alexandre Gama founded Neogama in 1999. Neogama is the first Brazilian advertising agency to win a Lion in the Cannes Festival during its first year. It is Brazil’s fastest growing advertising agency in its first three years. BBH, a London based agency, associated with Neogama in 2002. In 2003, Neogama became Brazil’s first advertising agency to win two Golden Lions in the same year. Publicis Groupe gained Neogama and BBH in 2012. In 2016, Gama left the network. He changed the company’s focus back to Brazil.


In 2006, Gama was nominated one of the seven most important professionals in Brazil’s history and elected “Agency Director of the Year”. In 2007, he won the Cabore and was voted one of the top three advertisers in Brazil. In 2003, he won Company of the year from Diageo. In 2015, Neogama won another Golden Lion.

How To Develop Jason Hope Charisma In AZ

Let’s face it some people are absolutely repulsive to you while others are appealing. The latter is the result of charisma while the other is not. This is one of the qualities that keeps people wanting to do business and party with John Hope. Like anything else in life charisma can be developed, so let’s have a look and see how it is done.

Eye Contact
Anyone who has ever had a rapport with a person has experienced the power of eye contact. The eyes are where connections intensify and that is what people like Bill Clinton and John Hope exploited on their paths to success. Each time you interact with a person you want to treat them like they are worthy of your attention. John does this, but not in a way that makes the person feel uncomfortable. A brief glance away can make the eye contact seem more natural.

Confidence is probably the single most important attitude in Jason Hope’s career. Without it he would have been discouraged long ago. Readers must realize that to be charismatic you absolutely have to believe in what you are doing. Then you have to express that belief, so that people know you mean business. This is why soldiers mindlessly follow charismatic leaders into battle. John Hope has a loyal team of employees that do his bidding because he always acts as if things will get better no matter what. This is charisma in the truest sense.

It is a well known fact that words are powerful tools of influence. If you want people to like you as much as they do Jason Hope then you need to become a better linguist. The idea when conversing with people is to steer the conversation in a direction that brings comfort, joy and meaning, otherwise it is just small talk. You must invoke their emotions using powerful words, memories and asking the right questions. This is a skill that anyone can learn simply by practicing often.

Frivolous Lawsuit Brought Against Securus

Securus Technologies is currently engaged in a patent lawsuit with GTL. Both companies provide technology to assist law enforcement with investigations, corrections, and monitoring. The lawsuit is over infringements with technology used to oversee inmate visitations.

While GTL is adamant that they will fight this suit to the end, it seems a frivolous lawsuit to me and a waste of the court’s time. Securus Technologies has faced this sort of infringement suit 19 times previously and not lost one. And they have successfully brokered licensing deals with many of those companies. In fact they have had licensing deals with GTL in the past. Why GTL has decided to sue Securus Technologies now, I don’t understand. The case is currently stayed. As a result, GTL will not be able to seek any damages while Securus works for a rehearing. PTAB declined to review the 55 challenged claims, a direct contradiction to what GTL has said. And despite the hopes of GTL to appear before a jury in the next few months, I highly doubt that it will happen before next year, if at all. Typically, patten litigation takes years to resolve, and it is ridiculous of GTL to say otherwise. Securus has more experience with both patents (as they have nearly three times the number of issued patents) and successful suits. Perhaps it would be better for GTL to take the path of least resistance and negotiate a new license with Securus Technologies rather then waste all of that time and money.